How moot “Won” the Time 100 Poll

[Paul Lamere’s coverage of the Time 100 hack continues with this in-depth examination of the how-they-did-it variety][link]. It includes a lot of Time-bashing, as evidenced by the following parenthetical:

>(And if you have any doubt about Time’s incompetence, take a close look at the Poll. Notice that Oprah Winfrey and Ratan Tata have the exact same number of votes. That’s because they both shared the same ID in the poll. A vote for either one was a vote for the other. Same goes for Michael Bloomberg and Gustavo Dudamel. If you vote for one, you vote for the other.)

Previously: [4chan’s precision hack of the Time 100][prev].

[link]: “moot wins, Time Inc. loses « Music Machinery”
[prev]: “4chan’s precision hack of the Time 100”


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