Square Enix shuts down Chrono fan game Crimson Echoes

[Hey, Square, having a fan base that LOVES your stuff so much they’re willing to put in their own work and time (hundreds of hours) on what amounts to FREE PROMOTION for it][link]? That’s not a problem. That’s an incredible gift that you just shit on. Again.

They had another opportunity like this a few years ago, on a little project called [Chrono Resurrection][res].

How many creators out there would give a not insignificant portion of their reproductive organs to have fans that care that much?

[link]: http://www.destructoid.com/square-enix-shuts-down-chrono-fan-game-crimson-echoes-131702.phtml “Destructoid – Square Enix shuts down Chrono fan game Crimson Echoes”
[res]: http://www.opcoder.com/projects/chrono/ “Chrono Resurrection”


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