The “Facebook Login” Quandry

[Mrgan on what happens][link] when people google “Facebook Login” and assume the first result is… the Facebook login page:

[link]: “Neven Mrgan’s tumbl”

>What’s apparently happening here is, Facebook users are googling for “facebook login” (because how else are you going to log into Facebook?), clicking the first result (which is sometimes a story about Facebook, on an unrelated site), assuming that the site itself is Facebook, scrolling to the bottom to get to the comment form – still thinking they’re on Facebook – and using the comment form to complain about how this, a wholly different website, is a terrible redesign of Facebook.

Honestly? This doesn’t strike me as a **problem**, necessarily. Yes, it’s unfortunate that people are so dense they can gloss over an entire website to find the comments section and post an angry letter about a different website they mistakenly think they are on… but [the location bar is dead. Long live the location bar][loc]. This is just how (possibly a majority) of internet users… use the internet. It works for them, most of the time.

[loc]: “Twitter / Shawn Medero”

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