Kreskin is an album generator, which essentially automates the Wikipedia Band Name Game. To wit:

  1. Go to the Random article page on Wikipedia. The page it goes to is your band name.
  2. Go to Flickr’s most interesting photos for the last 7 days. Find the third image. That is your band’s album cover.
  3. Go to the quotations page and pick the last quote on the Random Quotes page. The last three words of this quote is the title of your album.

You have likely played this game on a grey workday afternoon, but Kreskin makes the process much easier. Using the sources above, Kreskin grabs the needed information and presents you with a lovely image with a permalink that you can pass around, no manual labor needed. Kreskin also picks from a random assortment of freely-licensed web fonts to snazz up your album covers.

Kreskin is an Extra Future 6-hour Project.