Amateur Hour

[Jesper of Waffle Software on the new, published, App Store rules][link]:

>[…] I don’t think it’s unfair for Apple to have a list of the applications produced for its platform that it believes is decent and upstanding, and which it is proud to be associated with. *I just don’t think that that list should be the same as the list of all applications that can run, ever.* I honestly think that even my detractors will concede this as a fair point.

I’m constantly surprised, myself, how many people still don’t see this as a *problem*. Is Apple totally within their rights to arbitrarily block apps? Yep. Nobody I know is arguing they shouldn’t be allowed to. However, **it is troubling to me that they would want to**. A dick move is a dick move is a dick move.

[link]: “waffle → Amateur Hour”

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