Opera confirms WebKit prefix usage

[Mozilla, Microsoft, and Opera are none too happy][link] about Webkit’s prefixes becoming a sort of organic standard, especially on mobile:

>Opera, along with Microsoft and Mozilla, announced at a CSS Working Group meeting that we would support some WebKit prefixes. This is because too many authors of mobile sites only use the WebKit-prefixed version, and not even the standard, unprefixed one, when it is available. This leads to a reduced user experience on Opera, Mobile Firefox and Mobile IE, which don’t receive the same shiny effects, such as transitions, gradients and the like, *even if the browser supports those effects*.

The problem to me seems to be one of education and tools. Authors don’t use -o prefix because they either don’t know about it, or they don’t have a significant Opera user base. Ditto the other browsers. iOS is king of the castle on mobile, and that means Safari, and that means WebKit.

[link]: “Opera confirms WebKit prefix usage | News | .net magazine”

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