Feds force Oregon to surrender medical marijuana patient records

>[Federal agents have forced the Oregon Public Health Division to turn over an untold number of patients’ medical marijuana records, according to court records recently uncovered by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.][link]

These people just want to be able to have their medicine and not be afraid, and this is EXACTLY why a lot of people on the lefty fringe are against legalizing Marijuana in the first place. They’re afraid of being on “some government list” just like this one.

Now that they know where you live the feds can break down the door at any moment and arrest you, charge you with a federal crime, seize all of your property, etc.

[link]: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/04/12/feds-force-oregon-to-surrender-medical-marijuana-patient-records/ “Feds force Oregon to surrender medical marijuana patient records | The Raw Story”


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