Who I Am and Where To Find Me (SITREP October 2013)

Hi there. I’m Phil Nelson. I code up hot-shit HTML5, CSS, and Javascript user interfaces for [Occipital][occ]. We just launched [the Structure Sensor][structure], the first 3D sensor for mobile devices. I built [the website][site]. Real proud of it.

I design cool-looking stuff for fun and sometimes profit, and post it to my [Dribbble account][dribbble]. I really like video games and play them on Steam sometimes under the username [murderthoughts][steam]. Most of the time you can find me on Twitter [@philnelson][twit]. I also lurk on [][adn], and post stuff [on my Tumblr][tumblr] pretty regularly. If you like being alternately delighted beyond belief and crushingly depressed then you’re in the right place.

I also write far too infrequently here at Which you are reading. Right now.

[occipital]: “Occipital, Inc”
[dribbble]: “philnelson on Dribbble”
[steam]: “philnelson on Steam”
[site]: “The Structure Sensor”
[structure]: “The Structure Sensor on Kickstarter”
[twitter]: “philnelson on Twitter”
[adn]: “philnelson on”
[tumblr]: “philnelson on Tumblr”

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