A beginner’s guide to Dungeon Synth

[Dirge magazine][link]:

>What I Like About Dungeon Synth is, primarily, the music and the wide range of emotions it encompasses; the bombast and the subtlety, the melancholy and the fury, the epic and the transient. It blends genres that are dear to my heart, from medieval airs to black metal malevolence, into something that is neither new nor old but atemporal. By stepping out of time Dungeon Synth can use multiple, opposing streams of influences and styles, to create a single entity and, by doing this, it embodies something that is often deliberately avoided in more mainstream music; conflict.

[link]: http://www.dirgemag.com/dungeons-deep-forests-dark-a-beginners-guide-to-dungeon-synth/ “Dungeons Deep, Forests Dark – A beginner’s guide to Dungeon Synth | Dirge Magazine”