June Foray, RIP (1917-2017)

[We have lost a titan. She almost made it to an even 100.][link]

It’s hard to put into words how big of an effect on my personality Rocky and Bullwinkle had, even though it was cancelled decades before I was born. My mom loved it, and it would come on one of the local stations my grandparents picked up via antenna (no cable tv was even available where they lived in those days) and it’s the first thing I have a memory of laughing at with my mom and my brothers.

Aside from the Simpsons I don’t think any single bit of popular media was more important to my development as a person.

[link]: http://www.metafilter.com/168448/June-Foray-RIP-1917-2017 “June Foray, RIP (1917-2017) | MetaFilter”