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  • This Week’s Newsletter Is Now Available

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    This week I launched a big project and talked a bit about the little things.

  • Spring Cleaned

    Extrafuture.com got “a new paint of coat,” today and I am using one of the (very easy-reading) default WordPress templates until I get the gumption to create my own again.

    I keep wanting to post things here but it feels like the world has changed around this slice of the internet. The silos just keep getting bigger and more closed off. I am going to try to “go back” which of course always works out well for everybody.

    Even discussing this makes me feel incredibly old. Maybe the indie web still exists. I guess there is only one way to find out…

  • My Newsletter For This Week Is Out

    I wrote about the Smashing Pumpkins album Adore, shared an exclusive guitar picture, and ruminated on leaving it all behind.

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  • Phil’s Newsletter 2/12/21

    This week’s newsletter is a little more laid back and less anxiety-riddled. I talked a bit about guitar pedals, RetroStrange Movie Night, and this Divergent League Baseball season. You can read it all and subscribe for free on Substack.

  • My Birthday is February 1st

    This originally appeared in my newsletter.

    Normally I invite my friends to go out and get me drunk, but this year that ain’t happening. Normally I don’t make a big deal about it, but I am leaning in to having birthdays this year. Here are some suggestions if you want to buy me a gift:

    • I have an Amazon wishlist
    • Sick-ass guitar pedals of any type (I already have an MT-2 so not that?)
    • Weird electronics projects
    • Old video games
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    Thank you!

  • Divergent League Baseball now has a podcast called Divergent League Update

    1993 Divergent League Update Podcast Art

    Two of the things I’ve wanted to do since day one with Divergent League are coming true this season: Season Tickets (coming soon) and Divergent League Update, our weekly podcast. It’ll have stats, standings, and occasional talk about how our season is different than “real life.”

    This first update is a short one, at just 2 minutes. In the future you can expect to find interviews with league owners, polls, and more. As always, thanks to the owners and my Patrons for supporting Divergent League. You can too!

    You can get the feed in your preferred podcatcher, as I’ve submitted it to Apple, Google, Stitcher, and Spotify.

  • RetroStrange Gets A New Website

    I’ve updated retrostrange.com– it no longer just hosts the 24-hour old time radio channel LOFI SCIFI (which has been moved to http://retrostrange.com/lofi) but is now a WordPress installation.

    We’ve got some plans for the new year, starting with RetroStrange Movie Night #16.

  • Divergent League Baseball Signup Sheet

    You can now sign up for the Divergent League newsletter (and be invited to play in the next Season) by filling out our new form.

  • Where To Find Phil Nelson Online, December 2020 Edition

    I cannot believe it is actually December 2020. The 6th, even. Time flies. Fruit flies. Something something. Here are all of the places I’m actively hanging out and doing stuff online these days in one handy place.

    • My Patreon, where you can support me directly each month and get exclusive content and early access to stuff
    • My newsletter on Substack is where you can subscribe for free (or $5/mo) and support me while getting a little more personal view on things than I post elsewhere, sent out every Thursday.
    • My Twitch where I sometimes stream video games, sometimes in VR, and we do RetroStrange Movie Night on every other Saturday night
    • Discord: I’m philnelson#1094
    • My Thingiverse account, where I post my 3D printable models
    • Extra Future, this place here, my blog since 2008 or so, where I announce and release things
    • My Itch account, where all of my (pay if you can / free) video games are hosted including the recently-released Chipping Challenge plus old experiments like Duck Jumper, Rassler, and Haunted Floating Eye
    • I am @philnelson on Twitter
    • My YouTube where I upload the intros to every Movie Night and some additional content
    • My LinkedIn which I don’t really use, but when I do, I mostly boost cool VR/AR stuff.

    Ongoing Projects I Run

  • New Game From Me: Chipping Challenge

    From the official page:

    Chipping Challenge is a point-and-click meditative golf-like game meant to be relaxing and rewarding. Games usually last about 15 minutes.

    As of this writing Chipping Challenge Alpha04 is available for free on macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. It is totally a riff on Desert Golfing, but more than that, and I hope you like it.