In Badlands, you are the world.

Badlands is a single-screen god game which simulates a tiny world, with dirt and grass and rocks and trees and a person or two who walk around it.

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The Badlands title screen. Badlands screen shot showing a map with a small lake in the middle. Badlands screen shot showing a map with a forest, and two small lakes.

Fund the game and get your name in it!

Maybe this is ridiculous, but you can contribute to the development of Badlands by buying a Scroll of Naming.

Tap the button and pay us $1.50 USD (a buck and a half), and you'll get to submit 3 names to be added to the game's internal name generation system. Your chosen names will show up in other players games all over the world.

An extrafuture production. Created by @philnelson.