Bridgesketball, a mixed reality basketball game

Bridgesketball is a prototype basketball game for the Bridge mixed reality headset that I’ve been working on since around February 2018. Using some premade Unity assets and the Bridge Engine 1.0 release, I was able to get pretty far pretty quickly. Here’s a demo video:

The game as it stands allows you to:

1. Place and rotate a basketball hoop anywhere in a room
1. Shoot hoops from anywhere
1. Getting “on fire” if you hit 3 shots in a row

The ball bounces realistically and makes noise when it bounces off of different surfaces. When the ball gets really close to the hoop, time slows down to 50% to draw out the drama of hitting a long shot. Planned future additions include a “multiplayer on one headset” variation on HORSE, a “last second shot” mode, and maybe even playing against Bridget.