Bridgesketball, a mixed reality basketball game

26 May 2018

Bridgesketball is a prototype basketball game for the Bridge mixed reality headset that I’ve been working on since around February 2018. Using some premade Unity assets and the Bridge Engine 1.0 release, I was able to get pretty far pretty quickly. Here’s a demo video:

The game as it stands allows you to:

  1. Place and rotate a basketball hoop anywhere in a room
  2. Shoot hoops from anywhere
  3. Getting “on fire” if you hit 3 shots in a row

The ball bounces realistically and makes noise when it bounces off of different surfaces. When the ball gets really close to the hoop, time slows down to 50% to draw out the drama of hitting a long shot. Planned future additions include a “multiplayer on one headset” variation on HORSE, a “last second shot” mode, and maybe even playing against Bridget.

Bridgesketball is currently in closed beta, but hit me up if you want in! Contact info is in the footer of this site.

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