If you enjoy Diggbarred, or any of my other WordPress plugins, please [consider a donation][donate].

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Diggbarred is a WordPress plugin which, when activated, blocks all DiggBar activity on your web site. URLs using the DiggBar will instead display a message of your choosing. It’s functionality is derived mostly from the Daring Fireball post, “[How to Block the DiggBar][df].”

You can see an [example of Diggbarred in action right here][example].

[example]: “an Example of Diggbarred”

This plugin is developed in collaboration with [Shawn Medero][shawn].

[shawn]: “Shawn Medero”

## Downloading

The newest, stable, release (1.61) can be [downloaded here][dl].

[dl]: “Download Diggbarred”

The code is [hosted on GitHub][git], and stable releases will be on

[df]: “How to Block The DiggBar”
[git]: “Diggbarred on Github”

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