“For The Love Of Dog” Wireframe Skull Featured on Adafruit’s YouTube Channel

skull adafruit

I am truly honored to have my work represented by [this marginally-popular regular feature on Adafruit’s YouTube channel][link].

Seriously, so great.

[link]: “Wireframe Skull on Time-lapse Tuesday”


New 3D Printable Object: NES Cart Covers


I designed [this simple NES cart cover][link] to use as little material as possible, but still be robust enough to print even on janky printers. Hopefully this will help keep your NES carts safe and sound for future generations. It’s available [on thingiverse][thing] for the low price of FREE.

[link]: “NES Cart Cover”
[thing]: “Nintendo Entertainment System Cart Cover (Tender NES)”


“For The Love of Dog” Featured on Thingiverse

Featured on Thingiverse

My aforementioned wireframe model of a skull has been featured on Thingiverse! It’s a remix of a remix of a


New 3D Printable Object: (For The Love of Dog)


I remixed a neat Skull model from garygeo on Thingiverse into this much cooler wireframe mesh pencil holder. It’s free.

One of the best things about Thingiverse is the ability to post pictures of your finished prints of other folks designs.


“Could The World’s Fastest Shoe Really Have Come From A Printer?”

[Fast Company][link]:

>The process allows Fusaro to take 3-D scans of a runner’s foot, use digital tools to cater the stiffness of the soles to the athlete’s physical abilities, then print the shoes out of nylon polyamide powder, a material that is “one of the strongest in the range of additive manufacturing,” Fusaro says

Uses 3d printing. How long before we can make our own shoes on our MakerBots?

[link]: “Could The World’s Fastest Shoe Really Have Come From A Printer? | Co.Design: business + innovation + design”