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  • “Wireless is Different”

    [Wireless isn’t different, AT&T][link]. It just suits your business model that it be treated differently. It’s enough to clog your bullshit filter. With bullshit. [link]: http://attpublicpolicy.com/government-policy/wireless-is-different/ “Wireless is Different | AT&T Public Policy Blog”

  • AT&T’s Morale Problem

    [I’m sure the sentiment is more widespread than this one rep][link]. *Update*: [AT&T says it’s a hoax][hoax], and they’re probably right. Consumerist gets it, though: it doesn’t matter if it’s “true” or not. It felt true, and that speaks volumes about AT&T’s business and culture. [link]: http://consumerist.com/5407532/att-rep-wants-to-die “Transcripts: A&T Rep Wants To Die” [hoax]: http://consumerist.com/5408384/att-says-their-rep-doesnt-want-to-die…

  • NYT Bits Blog on The Cost of Bandwidth

    [Hint: It’s falling, not rising][link]. Time Warner got into a big shit-fight over imposing bandwidth caps, which Rogers has already done here in Canada. Here’s an exercise to illustrate how fucked the telecom industry is: Raise your hand if you believe a word that comes from Comcast, Time Warner, or AT&T. [link]: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/04/20/the-cost-of-downloading-all-those-videos/ “The Cost…