Apple confirms death of iPhone worker in China

[I was going to post this with the title “Tortured iPhone Worker Commits Suicide”][link], but then I realized I don’t work for TechCrunch. That seems to be what happened, though:

>According to various Chinese media reports, the worker at Chinese manufacturer Foxconn committed suicide last week after a fourth-generation iPhone prototype for which he was responsible went missing.

Word is that the worker was then tortured by Foxconn security, which led him to snap and take a leap off the building. If this is true, Apple needs to step up and tell Foxconn to fuck off.

*Update:* [Fake Steve says it’s fucked over there, and we all knew that already][fake]. He’s basically right.

[link]: “Apple confirms death of iPhone worker in China | Apple – CNET News”
[fake]: “Fake Steve: I’m really thinking maybe I shouldn’t have yelled at that Chinese guy so much”


China Bans MMO Goldfarming and Real-World Sale of Virtual Goods

[This is HUGE news][link]. [Andy][andy] notes [Eurogamer’s estimates][euro]: $10 billion dollars amongst 1 million workers.

[link]: “Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China”
[euro]: “Eurogamer Article”
[andy]: “Waxy links”