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  • Chrono Trigger Fanfest 2010

    [Play through and discuss the greatest console RPG of all time this month.][link] The DS version [is a mere $20 on Amazon][az], and you are a fool if you don’t own it already. [link]: http://fangamer.com/fanfest/ct/2010/6 “CT Fanfest 2010” [az]: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001E27DLM?ie=UTF8&tag=extrafuture-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B001E27DLM “Chrono Trigger DS”

  • Chrono Trigger is #2 in GameSpite’s “Top Games of All Time” Issue

    [A small love-letter to my favorite game][link]. As noted by the publisher, “Greatest” here means “voted as favorites by the denizens of GameSpite’s forums.” Still, it’s always good to see [Parish][parish] writing about CT. [link]: http://www.gamespite.net/toastywiki/index.php/Games/2-ChronoTrigger “Toastyfrog.com: Compendium of Useless Information : Games – 2-Chrono Trigger browse” [parish]: http://www.gamespite.net/toastywiki/index.php/Profiles/Parish “Jeremy Parish”

  • Chrono Trigger Fan Game Crimson Echoes Leaked

    [Apparently an alpha version][link], I’ve been waiting for this since Square Enix [cease-and-desisted the project][cease] a few weeks ago. Again, way to drop the ball, Square. [link]: http://www.gossipgamers.com/chrono-fan-game-crimson-echoes-98-complete-leaked/ “Chrono Fan Game: Crimson Echoes 98% Complete Leaked | Gossip Gamers” [cease]: http://extrafuture.com/2009/05/12/square-enix-shuts-down-chrono-fan-game-crimson-echoes/ “Square Enix shuts down Chrono fan game Crimson Echoes”

  • Square Enix shuts down Chrono fan game Crimson Echoes

    [Hey, Square, having a fan base that LOVES your stuff so much they’re willing to put in their own work and time (hundreds of hours) on what amounts to FREE PROMOTION for it][link]? That’s not a problem. That’s an incredible gift that you just shit on. Again. They had another opportunity like this a few…

  • This Isn’t Pop: When Video Game Music Inspired By Popular Music Is A Little Too Inspired

    *This is a post carried-over from the blog archives on philnelson.name, my previous site.* Video games have a long and storied history of borrowing heavily from popular music. This post will be updated with samples as I get them suggested to me, which you can do using the information above this post. In each case…