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CSS3 text-align-last

Short and to-the-point post on the Adobe Web Platform blog about a cool new proposed CSS3 property: text-align-last. Finally, FINALLY, we can justify the last line of a paragraph tag. My god, it’s full of stars.

CSS3 Linear Gradients Tool

An html-based GUI for building CSS3-compatible gradients without images. Like, I’m sure this will become a part of my daily routine.

Google Font API

Google’s hosted, embeddable, fonts for use with @font-face. They’re apparently collaborating with TypeKit. via Zeldman

Closing Tabs 5/27/09

Super Mario 64 longplay, grabbing all 120 stars. If you were under the age of 30 when this came out, goodbye afternoon. It’s such an astoundingly well put together game. At every stage, care was taken to make sure it “felt” right. Jason Scott‘s talk about Platform Studies has me rekindling my love affair with […]

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My name is Phil Nelson and I make beautiful objects for a troubled world in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. I'm a designer / developer at Occipital.

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