• Fix The DMCA

    [The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is broken, is stifling innovation, and is giving entrenched businesses an unfair advantage over new ones. Let’s fix it.][link] [link]: http://fixthedmca.org/ “FixTheDMCA.org”

  • Jay Leno uses indie YouTube video; NBC gets it taken down

    Obviously The System Works: >[NBC/Universal used a YouTube video by an indie comedy duo (without permission) on The Jay Leno Show – then had the video taken down with a copyright claim.][link] NBC’s position seems to be that they own any content played on any of their programs? I guess it’s nice to see their position…

  • The Case Against COICA

    [The Combatting Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) is bad mojo][link] that will not only limit creativity but stifle business. It will unconstitutionally restrict freedom of speech, raise the cost of doing business on the internet in a time when the economy is already in the toilet, and **create an internet blacklist in America**. [The…

  • How To Challenge a Wrongful YouTube Takedown

    [A helpful video by Know Your Meme.][link] Feel like I’m just reblogging Waxy today. [link]: http://blog.knowyourmeme.com/post/558728396/how-to-challenge-a-wrongful-youtube-takedown “Know Your Meme – How To Challenge a Wrongful YouTube Takedown…”