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  • Facebook’s Descent Into Unknowing Parody

    Their [deactivation page][emo] is emotional blackmail at its most absurd: [emo]: http://facebook.com/deactivate.php “Deactivate Facebook” The National Lampoon was way ahead of Facebook in this department, as evidenced by this January 1973 issue of the magazine: The Lampoon was joking, of course. Facebook not so much.

  • Dog-O-Matic

    [This is an automated dog washing machine][link]. Just set it and forget it! VE HAFF VAYS OF MAKINK YOU TALK, POOCHIE. [link]: http://www.unplggd.com/unplggd/pets/dogomatic-convenience-or-cruelty-085173 “Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Dog-O-Matic: Convenience or Cruelty?”