Plug: the brain of your devices

Trying really hard not to turn the ‘ol site here into Phil Links Kickstarter Projects All Day but I can’t help myself [with this one][link]. Plug is a little USB dongle that plugs into your network and shares content across all of your devices, sort of like having a personal Dropbox for your house.

[link]: “Plug: the brain of your devices by The CGC team — Kickstarter”


Storing Your Yojimbo Library on Dropbox

Similar to [backing up your 1Password library with Dropbox][1pass], comes in [this tip for Yojimbo][link]. Essentially the trick is to move your Yojimbo data to the Dropbox folder, then put up a symlink in the old folder location, like so:


mv ~/Library/Application\ Support/Yojimbo ~/Dropbox 
>ln -s ~/Dropbox/Yojimbo ~/Library/Application\ Support/

I don’t see why the technique employed here couldn’t work for any number of applications that use a centralized data store.

[link]: “Sync problem solved! – Yojimbo Talk | Google Groups”
[1pass]: “How To: Automatically Backup Your 1Password Keychain Offsite With Dropbox”


How To: Automatically Backup Your 1Password Keychain Offsite With Dropbox

Since the writing of this post, [1Password has added built-in Dropbox syncing as a feature][feat]. As such, the following information is no longer useful and is left intact for historical purposes.

[feat]: “Sync using Dropbox”

*The following post was inspired by the recent postings of [Merlin Mann][merlin] and [John Gruber][gruber] RE: Why you need to be backing up your stuff as often as possible. If you haven’t, you really should give ’em a read.*

[merlin]: “Yes. Another Backup Lecture – 43 Folders”
[gruber]: “And Ode to Diskwarrior, Superduper, and Dropbx”

If you’re as avid a user of the excellent password/login-storing app [1Password][password] as I am, you probably spend a decent amount of time trying *not* to think about what might happen to you if the application or it’s database were to suddenly go bad.

[password]: “1Password”

Ah, you’re probably thinking about it now, huh? Sorry about that. Like [the game][game], important data loss is not something you want occupying your brainspace, and yet there it is. Waiting. I come here not to terrifying you, though I may do that on purpose later if there’s time, but to help you out. You might not know it, but 1Password provides a daily keychain backup function from within the 1Password itself, and when melded to the also-excellent [Dropbox][dropbox] online backup and file sharing system, it can be made to automatically backup your 1Password database offsite, *for free*. Here’s how.

[game]: “The Game. You Lose.”

## Get ‘Er Accomplished

**Prerequesite** Um, I am assuming you use Mac OS X and 1Password already. If not, you can pretend none of this ever happened. I won’t hold it against you. Much.

1. Download and signup for [Dropbox][dropbox]. Install that shit.

[dropbox]: “Dropbox”

2. Navigate to **Your Home Folder → Dropbox** and create a folder called **1Password**.

3. Open 1Password, and click **Preferences** in the **application menu**.

4. Click the **Backup tab** in the **preferences window**, and then the folder-selection box under **Backup Folder**.

5. Select the **1Password folder you created in step 2**. Click the poorly-named “Open” button in the bottom right of the window, or just hit return. Either of these will save you selection.

6. Click **Backup Now** to make sure it works. Wait a minute. If it works, 1Password will open a Finder window with your newly backed-up files.

7. Close 1Password.

8. Sleep the sleep of the just.

You’re welcome. Comments can be sent to *comments* at *the domain this post is on*, and cash gifts can be sent to [me right here][cash].

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