Tag: ec2

  • aws – simple access to Amazon EC2 and S3

    [A working and feature-rich command-line interface for Amazon S3 and EC2][link]. Pretty cool. via [@joshu][josh] [link]: http://timkay.com/aws/ “aws – simple access to Amazon EC2 and S3” [josh]: http://twitter.com/joshu

  • Tile Drawer

    [Crazy-simple and robust-looking solution][link] for hosting your own [OpenStreetMap][osm] instance on EC2, with custom overlays. via [Andy Baio][andy]. [link]: http://tiledrawer.com/ “Tile Drawer” [andy]: http://waxy.org “Waxy.org” [osm]: http://www.openstreetmap.org/ “OpenStreetMap”