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  • Ego 1.3 Now Uses Official Google Analytics API

    [So announced Garrett Murray on twitter][link]. The API was [launched by Google today][api]. Glad to see it. [link]: http://twitter.com/garrettmurray/statuses/1578598062 “Twitter / Garrett Murray: I guess I can say now that …” [api]: http://analytics.blogspot.com/2009/04/attention-developers-google-analytics.html “Google Analytics API”

  • App Store Customers Are Neither Bad Nor Good by Default

    Garret Murray’s [most recent post on his blog][link], the land where posts do not have titles, is about what happened last week with his (lovely) application, [Ego][ego]. In it, he basically vents about being a single developer caught between a rock (customers angry that something stopped working) and a hard place (Apple’s arcane approvals process).…

  • Presenting Software Features and Understanding User Unrest

    Adding features to applications is a constant trade-off between opposing forces. Sometimes adding to or changing software can be a hinderance both to the user and the developer in several ways. [Ego][ego], Garrett Murray’s excellent iPhone application, was blocked by [Google Analytics][ga] yesterday. Since support for GA is one of Ego’s advertised features, paying users…