Google DNS Will Probably Be Fine, Guys

I have a feeling [Kottke’s analysis][kottke] is pretty spot-on: every tenth of a second longer a site takes to load, Google is losing revenue from ads. That might seem nuts to you or I, but Google isn’t exactly in the same ballpark, scale-wise, the stuff you and I work on:

>Half a second delay caused a 20% drop in traffic. Half a second delay killed user satisfaction.

For the Google behemoth .5 seconds is a _serious_ problem, and with [Google DNS][dns] they’re trying to whittle that down as much as possible. Do I trust them? Not really. Do I need to? Not really. I can change my DNS whenever I want, and so can you, and Google’s DNS privacy policy seems, [as Gruber put it][gruber], utterly reasonable.

[kottke]: “Kottke on Google DNS”
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[gruber]: “Gruber in Google DNS”


Windows 7 Starter Edition Only Runs 3 Applications At Once

[This seems like a joke, but it is legitimate][link]. Microsoft is not only pushing this incredibly anti-user “functionality”, but they’re selling it specifically to poor, developing nations.

I guess their hope is once they need more than 3 applications open, the poor fucks will pony up for Windows 7 Pro Starter Extreme Edition or whatever.

[link]: “Windows 7 Starter Edition Only Runs 3 Applications At Once”