A Selection of Machine-Generated NES Game Titles

I’ve begun learning how to do machine learning. It is extremely complicated, but I feel after just a few days of trying I understand it much better. [This python wrapper for tensorlm]( has made generating results much easier for me. I’ve got my little machine trained on the full NES US release list, and it’s giving me back things like this…

* Super Super Hank
* Doobley Dragon
* Chanter
* Class
* Cartlevanina I: The Antiration
* Kiggt’s Burtman
* Jet
* Rome Alone
* Rock Hart’s Cave
* Rock Master
* Masher: II Lands
* Greeado A World II
* Pet of Tower
* Baseball Loaded III

They can’t all be winners.


Latest experiments reveal AI is still terrible at naming paint colors

Such classics as Bleedwood, Spiced Rope, Bull Cream, Dorky Brown, Drimple, and Dad. [Many more at the link][link].

[link]: “Latest experiments reveal AI is still terrible at naming paint colors | Ars Technica”



[Creating music from text][link]:

>Using natural language processing, TransProse reads in text and determines densities of eight different emotions (joy, sadness, anger, disgust, anticipation, surprise, trust, and fear) and two different states (positive or negative) throughout the novel. The musical piece chronologically follows the novel. It uses the emotion density data to determine the tempo, key, notes, octaves, etc. for the piece depending on different rules and parameters.

via [Steen’s newsletter][steen]. You can buy the [first album of generated music on Bandcamp][music].

[steen]: “E. Steen Comer on Patreon”
[link]: “Music From Text”
[music]: “First Iteration”


Algorithm designs seven million different jars of Nutella

[An article about a cool thing with a goofy lede][link]:

>An algorithm has *usurped the traditional role of a designer* to generate millions of unique packaging designs for Nutella.

Emphasis mine. It’s goofy because nothing usurped anything. A designer created an algorithm to create variations. It’s just a different kind of design.

[link]: “Algorithm designs seven million different jars of Nutella”



[A crazy version][link] of [Conway’s Game Of Life][con] using floating point numbers instead of integers. The results are disturbingly organic-looking. Could be images from a blurry microscope.

[link]: “SmoothLifeL | jwz”
[con]:’s_Game_of_Life “Conway’s Game Of Life”