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  • Phil’s Newsletter #37

    Cold off of last week’s presses, here is the new edition of Phil’s Newsletter. Inside: A tiny keyboard, and a ton of Good Links.

  • Universal Mega Dumper

    Unnaturally tempted by [this project](https://db-electronics.ca/wiki/projects/umd/), which has created a common platform for cartridge dumping w/ standard adapters for the major consoles. It auto-recognizes which type of cart you connect, too! > The Universal Mega Dumper (UMD) is a game catridge read/writer project designed around a Teensy++ microcontroller. The universality comes from the UMD’s ability to…

  • The Best Third-Party Carrying Case for the Bridge Mixed Reality Headset

    TL;DR: [This is the best case for Bridge](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M75B9XX/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&psc=1&linkCode=ll1&tag=phlnls-20&linkId=8045185ae65e6ff9c2456801cfed7b5c) — If you work on mixed reality games & experiences for the [Bridge headset](https://bridge.occipital.com/) like I do you might sometimes (ironically, for a super-portable headset like Bridge) have a bit of trouble with getting your headset from point A to point B. The box that Bridge comes…

  • Finding the First Videogame ROM

    [Ed Fries tracks down the first ever ROM programmed for a video game, older than previously-found chips.][link] What a find. [link]: https://edfries.wordpress.com/2017/10/23/finding-the-first-videogame-rom/ “Finding the First Videogame ROM”

  • Dan Luu’s Keyboard Latency Tests

    [Apparently, keyboard latency has gotten measurably worse over time][link]- computers in the 1970s had faster keyboard input that we do today. The post does a good job of debunking several of the most common BS claims made by “gaming” keyboard manufacturers, too. They aren’t any faster than regular ‘ol consumer-grade keyboards, and in some cases…

  • Plug: the brain of your devices

    Trying really hard not to turn the ‘ol site here into Phil Links Kickstarter Projects All Day but I can’t help myself [with this one][link]. Plug is a little USB dongle that plugs into your network and shares content across all of your devices, sort of like having a personal Dropbox for your house. [link]:…

  • HP Says To Bye Bye TouchPad, Pre

    [Almost hidden in this press release about HP’s plans to buy Autonomy Corporation][link]: >In addition, HP reported that it plans to announce that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones. HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward. A real shame. webOS…

  • Original iPod vs iPhone 4

    [Steven Frank compares the granddaddy of them all to the new kid][link]. Aside from the fact that the original iPod is about 2.5 times thicker than the iPhone 4, what stands out to me is that the faces are exactly the same size. Very Apple. [link]: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevenf/5710076529/in/photostream/ “Original iPod vs iPhone 4 | Flickr –…

  • Gameduino

    [Gameduino is an add-on][link] for the open-source [Arduino hardware platform][ard], created to facilitate the creation of 8-bit video games. They’ve already passed their Kickstarter goal. What’s cool about the Arduino is how low-cost and accessible it is. You could, for example, create a new 8-bit games console on this thing. With a built-in store. I’m…

  • Steam’s June 2010 Mac Hardware Survey

    [Very cool graphs with data collected from Valve’s opt-in hardware stats software][link]. [link]: http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/?platform=mac “Steam Hardware Survey”

  • OpenPandora: “The most powerful gaming handheld there is.”

    [I’m sure your specs are great, but what a pooch][link]. Looks extremely unwieldy and chunky. It looks like it was designed by the same group as [the WarMouse (formerly known as OpenOffice Mouse)][mouse]. [link]: http://www.open-pandora.org/index.php “OpenPandora” [mouse]: http://warmouse.com/ “WarMouse”

  • Steven Frank on New World Computing, the iPad, and Generational Shift

    The [newly-Americanized][newly] Steve [knocks it out of the park][link]. There is a big shift happening under the layers we walk on, and most people won’t see it for a few years yet. [newly]: http://www.panic.com/blog/2010/01/steve-american/ “Steve American” [link]: http://stevenf.tumblr.com/post/359224392/i-need-to-talk-to-you-about-computers-ive-been “stevenf.com – I need to talk to you about computers. I’ve been…”