The Pitfalls of Facebook’s “Social Authentication”

[Dan Wineman shoves a hot poker up the ass][link] of Facebook’s “social authentication”:

>Captchas don’t verify identity. “Social authentication” challenges based on public information — especially information that the service itself provides, for free, to anyone who asks — don’t do that either.

The problem with “social authentication” is that second word, there. Facebook’s calling it an authentication method is dangerous because a false sense of security is… false. “Social captchas” just doesn’t have the same marketing chutzpah, I guess.

Link via [@mrgan][mrgan]

[link]: “venomous porridge – Yesterday, Facebook announced some new measures…”
[mrgan]: “Neven Mrgan”


“The kid who doesn’t exist”

[In-depth reporting from the Indianapolis Star about an 18-year-old with no official identity][link]. Almost sounds like the premise for a Philip K Dick story. Since he doesn’t have a social security number he can’t get a driver’s license, part-time job, or qualify for financial aid programs for college.

[link]: “‘Kid who doesn’t exist’ looks to future | | The Indianapolis Star”