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Official Minecraft LEGO

In which Minecraft comes full circle. My friends and I have long referred to Minecraft as “Grown-up LEGOs” and now it’s regular LEGOs, too.

Lost Garden on Video Game Heroes and Fandom

The article is games-specific, but I find that it applies to any creative media: Games, film, music, web development. Many points and questions worth digesting, especially the central question: Are the games you have fandom for WORTH your time and love? Much of modern fandom is mired in what appears, to me, to be an […]

Epic Games Releases Unreal Development Kit

The hyper-expensive and sometimes-maligned Unreal Engine gets a free / indie version. The Unreal Development Kit is free for non-commercial use, and $2500 per-seat for commercial games. With Unity making a similar offering last week, the independent games scene is only going to get better.

World of Goo Birthday Sale

For World of Goo’s 1st birthday, 2d Boy are having a “pay whatever you want” sale, for the PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game. There is no excuse not to buy this.

Braid Released for Mac OS X

Jonathan Blow’s 2008 independent games masterpiece is now available for the Mac. If you haven’t played it yet, you are missing out, and you no longer have an excuse. Now Selling Xbox Live Arcade Games

This is a pretty big deal. Amazon selling download codes for XBLA games is a good step for retailers getting in on the downloadable action, which will get more exposure to download-only games, which will get everybody paid more. I hope.

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