Original iPod vs iPhone 4

[Steven Frank compares the granddaddy of them all to the new kid][link]. Aside from the fact that the original iPod is about 2.5 times thicker than the iPhone 4, what stands out to me is that the faces are exactly the same size. Very Apple.

[link]: “Original iPod vs iPhone 4 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!”


Scott Wilson’s iPod Nano Watch Kits Raise $350,000 on Kickstarter

Obviously [crowd-sourced patronage will never work.][link] The project still has 3 weeks lefts to go, too.

[link]: “TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits by Scott Wilson — Kickstarter”


Status Of My Predictions For The Sept 1st 2010 Apple Event

### iPod Touch

[Wrong on the capacity, it tops out at 64gb. Right about FaceTime cameras and everything else][touch]. This one was a gimme. If you look at [the Apple Store][classic] you will see that, despite it’s absence from the Keynote, they still sell iPod Classics with 160gb hard drives. It’s just a matter of time, though. I don’t think Apple is THAT sentimental. Apparently the Classic does serves a market big enough to keep it around for now. My guess? They won’t bury it on stage [like they did Mac OS9][os9].

[classic]: “iPod Classic”
[touch]: “iPod Touch”
[os9]: “OS 9 is dead, long live OS X”

### iPod Shuffle & Nano

Wrong and extra wrong. Not only is the shuffle still around, but they added the buttons back. It’s a fine gateway drug into the world of Apple/iTunes at the $49 price point. The Nano sticks at $149, loses it’s hardware buttons, loses the camera, and gains a multitouch display. It looks like it lost the ability to play video, too. The Nano replacing the shuffle was by far the wackiest of my predictions. No surprises.

### AppleTV

Wrong about switching the name of iTV, and glad to be wrong. Wrong about announcing a developer program. It does run iOS, though. Right about $0.99 TV show rentals (streaming, no less!).

### Other

Right about streaming content to iOS devices to AppleTV.

Predictions are a lot less fun once you know the truth.


My Predictions For The September 1st Apple Event

I agree with almost everything [Jesper of Waffle Software][link] has said on his blog in the past. This is no different.

* Huge capacity iPod Touch (128gb?) with FaceTime-enabled cameras, iPhone 4 guts, and Retina.
* Goodbye iPod Classic.
* The Shuffle goes away, and in it’s place there is now an iPod Nano at the $99 price point, right in between the old Shuffle ($49) and the current Nano ($149). I doubt Steve will actually kill the Shuffle on stage, but it will quietly be taken off the store, lead to a remote field and abandoned to rot with its ancestors.
* Newly-christened iTV Developer Program
* TV Show Rentals for $0.99
* Wifi Syncing for iOS devices
* Streaming content from the iTunes Store (like, say, the aforementioned TV rentals.)

I’m not super sure about the Shuffle. The $49 price point is part of why the Shuffle exists in the first place, but I don’t know a single person who owns one. The primary market seems to be children whose parents wish to reward for less than $100, or people who work out and are afraid of breaking their iPod Touch or Nano. The price point is hard to argue with , though, as a gateway to the larger (more expensive) Apple ecosystem.

Wouldn’t it be something if the Nano got Facetime?

[link]: “Waffle: Forecasting The First”


Elements, a Dropbox powered text editor for iOS

[An extremely slick-looking text editor][link] a bit lacking in features, but cloud storage using the indispensable Dropbox is a big plus.

[link]: “Elements — Dropbox powered text editor for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from Second Gear”


Lukas Mathis on Scrolling .vs. Page-flipping

[In response to a response][link], he grabs this quote from Kottke:

>The page flipping animation in the iBooks app though? Super cheesy. It’s like in the early days of cars where they built them to look like horse-drawn carriages. Can’t we just scroll?

He says:

>How is scrolling desirable to the person who is trying to read a book? If I’m reading a book, I want to fill the screen with text. Then, I want to read that text. Then, I want to fill the whole screen with new text, and read that.

and I smile and nod, because he is extremely right. The reason the page-flip metaphor still works is that my eyes/brain shouldn’t have to be in charge of figuring out where I am in the text every time I scroll.

It’s not as simple as eliminating “pages” entirely, I think, but re-implementing the _good_ functionality of pages.

[link]: “ignore the code: Jon Bell on Scrolling”


World’s Biggest iPod Dock is 95db of Rock and Roll

[A beautiful, gigantic, speaker][link] for Apple’s beautiful, little, device. Starting at $4,495.00.

[link]: “Wall of sound”