True Romance

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[Amy][amy] and John [Gruber][gruber]. Say goodnight, [Gracie][allen].

[allen]: “Burns and Allen”
[amy]: “Amy Gruber”
[gruber]: “John Gruber”


Introducing Diggbarred, a WordPress Plugin for Blocking the DiggBar

As a big fan of telling people when they’re Doing It Wrong, I’m happy to announce Diggbarred. Diggbarred is [a new plugin][link] from myself and [Shawn Medero][shawn], using [John Gruber’s original blocking code][john] in an easy-to-activate form. You can [fork, modify, or otherwise mutilate the code on Github][git].

[link]: “Official Diggbarred Page”
[john]: “How to Block the DiggBar”
[shawn]: “Shawn Medero”
[git]: “Diggbarred on Github”


How to Block the DiggBar

[John Gruber has a decent solution for blocking the DiggBar][link] on his site, Daring Fireball, if you’d like to completely block all Digg traffic.

I’m going to whip up a WordPress Plugin for this today.

[link]: “Daring Fireball: How to Block the DiggBar”