[Creating music from text][link]:

>Using natural language processing, TransProse reads in text and determines densities of eight different emotions (joy, sadness, anger, disgust, anticipation, surprise, trust, and fear) and two different states (positive or negative) throughout the novel. The musical piece chronologically follows the novel. It uses the emotion density data to determine the tempo, key, notes, octaves, etc. for the piece depending on different rules and parameters.

via [Steen’s newsletter][steen]. You can buy the [first album of generated music on Bandcamp][music].

[steen]: “E. Steen Comer on Patreon”
[link]: “Music From Text”
[music]: “First Iteration”


How the Web and the Weblog have Changed Writing

[Philip Greenspun][link]:

>Our literary culture is impoverished when every idea is stretched or amputated to fit the Procrustean bed made up by magazine and book publishers. When an author runs out of relevant stuff to say after 20 or 30 pages, that’s how long the essay should be.

Quoting the same passage that [Gruber did][gruber], but fuck it. Bravo, Philip.

[link]: “How the Web and the Weblog have changed Writing”
[gruber]: “Daring Fireball Linked List”