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Who I Am, Where I Am And What I Do: July 2011

14 July 2011

Hi. I’m Phil Nelson. I make websites from my orbital platform which is currently hovering above the city of San Francisco. I use Twitter a lot, and have a Facebook account, as well as being on LinkedIn and Foursquare. I sometimes post bits and pieces of my design work to Dribbble. I’ve also made some […]

State of The Extra Future: July 2010

07 July 2010

I am Phil Nelson. I make websites. Lately I’ve made the fun Twitter toy liblr, which lets your manipulate the public Twitter stream by replacing one word or phrase with another. My personal favorite is replacing “my iphone” with “this big dildo I found”. I’ve also been producing Eliza Gauger’s live art show, Sweatshop. That […]

Hello There

My name is Phil Nelson and I make beautiful things for a troubled world. I'm a designer / developer / writer / director / editor / narrator at Occipital.

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