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  • The Times Loses 90% Of Online Readership After Erecting Registration Wall

    [Raise your hand if you are surprised][link]. Looks like the only ones with their hands up are the Times management. [link]: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2010/jul/20/times-paywall-readership “Times loses almost 90% of online readership | Media | guardian.co.uk”

  • Warren Ellis’ BLACK SUMMER In Development As A Film

    [Congratulations, Internet Jesus][link]. BLACK SUMMER’s main story is a super hero killing the President of the United States due to his implicit and explicit approval of various crimes against humanity. I’ll be surprised if this actually gets made, but I look forward to it. More: [The official Black Summer comic site][site]. Amazon has the [Black…

  • Sign Of The Times

    [You know things are changing when even Nick Denton, king of the reblogging Gawker network, says things like this][link]: >If a good exclusive used to provide 10 times the traffic of a standard regurgitated blog post, now it garners a hundred times as much. (emphasis added) That should be reassuring to people. The content market…