Commercial MMORPG “Ryzom” Goes Open Source

[This is the first commercial game I can think of taking this step][link] while the game is still live. All of the Ryzom source including tools, client, and server codebases are fully open source free software. For more, [see the FAQ][link]. It sounds to me a lot like a MUD codebase, and that makes me smile.

I do not see this helping them in the marketplace, but I’d like to see this become a trend. I have a lot of old PC games which are no longer playable due to DRM or other online components which no longer exist.

[faq]: “Ryzom – OpenSourceFAQ – Ryzom Core Development Site”
[link]: “Ryzom goes open source”


China Bans MMO Goldfarming and Real-World Sale of Virtual Goods

[This is HUGE news][link]. [Andy][andy] notes [Eurogamer’s estimates][euro]: $10 billion dollars amongst 1 million workers.

[link]: “Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China”
[euro]: “Eurogamer Article”
[andy]: “Waxy links”