Auto-Tune the News #6

If you haven’t been watching these, you’ve been missing out.


Michael Jackson First Artist to Sell Over 1 Million Downloads in a Single Week

One more record for the road. Legitimate question: How much longer will Billboard data even be a useful measurement?


Sweet Juniper! on Andrew W.K.’s New Show “Destroy Build Destroy”

It’s a kids show, and it’s totally real and not a joke. The show starts this summer on Cartoon Network, and it looks like the most fun children are legally allowed to have on TV.

He does what he likes and he likes what he does.

Links’s Founders Leaving

Cannot say I’m surprised. It’ll be two-years after their acquisition, which is probably the earliest they were allowed to leave.


Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

One of the most insane videos of the 1980s gets the Literal treatment. Plenty of good moments, here. “What the effing crap?” indeed.

Links Introduces Radio Subscriptions

Users outside of the US, UK, and Germany will now have to pay 3 euros per month to keep streaming music from the popular site. The user backlash has already begun.

As more and more VC-funded startups have to start showing balance sheets, there’s going to be a lot fewer freebies around.


Warren Ellis on Shitgaze, and Novum

Things like this just fall off of Warren when he’s taking his monthly bath, and it’s the most interesting thing I’ve read today.


iTunes Price Changes Hurt Some Rankings

Glenn Peoples, writing for Billboard:

On Wednesday, one day after the price increase, the iTunes Top 100 chart had 40 songs priced at $1.29 and 60 with the original $0.99 price point. The $1.29 songs lost an average of 5.3 places on the chart while the $0.99 songs gained an average of 2.5 chart positions.


This Isn’t Pop: When Video Game Music Inspired By Popular Music Is A Little Too Inspired

This is a post carried-over from the blog archives on, my previous site.

Video games have a long and storied history of borrowing heavily from popular music. This post will be updated with samples as I get them suggested to me, which you can do using the information above this post. In each case I have used less than 20 seconds of the songs in question, which I believe to be covered under fair use. If you want to hear the whole song, buy it. I will not provide you with any of them, so don’t ask.

Mega Man X2’s Neon Tiger Stage Music .vs. Guns n’ Roses’ “My Michelle”

Here is the audio file for comparison. First you will hear a snippet from Neon Tiger’s theme, then a small pause, then a snippet from My Michelle. You can, of course, purchase the Guns n’ Roses album Appetite for Destruction from This, and the following two suggestions, come from this blog post.

Mega Man 1’s ElecMan Theme .vs. Journey’s “Faithfully”

Here is the audio file for comparison. Again, you will hear ElecMan’s music first, then a pause, then Journey. You can (and I encourage you to) purchase Journey’s Greatest Hits album from Amazon.

Mega Man 2’s Flash Man Theme .vs. Chicago’s “I’m A Man”

Here is the audio file for comparison. You can purchase Chicago’s Greatest Hits on Amazon. It’s a good investment.

Robo’s Theme (Chrono Trigger) .vs. Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”

Here is the audio file for comparison. Yes, it was only a matter of time before this descended into a Rick Roll. This one is a bit more tenuous, but it’s definitely noticeable. I would say it’s more of a case of borrowing than the previous tracks, which are a bit more blatant. I heartily suggest you purchase Chrono Trigger if you have never played it. It’s my favorite RPG of all time. The composer of the piece, Yasunori Mitsuda, also did the soundtrack for Chrono Cross, which is one of the most lush and beautiful game sound tracks ever.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) Stage 5 Overworld .vs. The Beatles’ “Come Together”

Here is the audio file for comparison. This is another fairly blatant one, though it’s got some nice touches, and is part of one of the great Konami NES soundtracks.

DOOM (1 & 2) .vs. Various Metal Bands

Here’s a youtube video comparing various songs from the smash-hit first person shooter DOOM to various songs from the likes of Metallica, Pantera, et. al.

Wild ARMs Overworld Theme .vs. Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstasy of Gold”

Here is the audio file for comparison. This one is maybe the most blatant thus far, especially considering the desert context. Morricone wrote the scores for many great westerns, most famously The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

California Games (NES) Title Theme .vs. Louie, Louie

Here is the audio file for comparison. I have a feeling that the basic structure of Louie, Louie is subject of a lot of game homage. Louie, Louie is a most infamous song, with the version done by The Kingsmen making them the subject of an FBI investigation.