Shawn Medero on Climate Change, Nowcasting, and Objectivity

>… [most syndicated print or TV journalists seemingly don’t have the education or tools to present any subject objectively nor do they take the initiative to gather all the facts.][link]

TV and print presenters/journalists tend to avoid, as [Bunk Moreland][bunk] would say, “Giving a fuck when it ain’t their turn to give a fuck.”

[link]: “Climate Change”
[bunk]: “Bunk Moreland”


W3C Abandoning XHTML 2, Focusing on HTML5

>[Today the Director announces that when the XHTML 2 Working Group charter expires as scheduled at the end of 2009, the charter will not be renewed][link].

This is giant news for anyone who makes websites. See also: [W3C’s FAQ for the situation][faq].

[link]: “Archive of W3C News in 2009”
[faq]: “XHTML faq”


The Guardian Using Crowdsourcing To Uncover MP Expenses

[With 700,000 documents to comb though][link] it is a totally rational approach. It can either take a team of experts 2 years or it can take “everyone” a few days.

Obviously the potential is there to game the system and make your guy look good or the other guy look bad, but review is a lot cheaper than the original work.

[link]: “Investigate your MP’s expenses”


Fair Use for Fair People

[Anil Dash on the AllThingsD kerfuffle][link]:

>The Associated Press announcement addresses pricing, licensing, and legal threats. There is no statement made about the credibility of the information being published through these online channels, nor whether the act of aggregating and disseminating news this way has an impact on its accuracy or accountability.

I agree, entirely. What is at issue here is the *attitude*. My favorite writers right now (such as John Gruber, Merlin Mann, Andy Baio) are my favorites precisely because they care about one thing: creditability. They want their opinions and ideas to be credible not due to their stature as people, but due to the *strength of their ideas and words themselves*. This matters.

[link]: “Fair Use for Fair People – Anil Dash”