Introducing TapMeasure – Occipital’s new measurement / room CAD generation tool

TapMeasure is a whole new way to build a 3D model of any room in a few seconds. It works with Apple’s new ARKit framework, and adds Occipital’s special sauce to provide artwork alignment, quick measurements, and the aforementioned generation of (SketchUp-compatible) CAD files. It’s free, and will ship as soon as iOS 11 drops later today.

See [the website at][tapmeasure].

For my part, I got to push some iOS code to this one! As well as helping out with some of the graphic design and UX, I was also able to design and edit the tutorial videos and the launch trailer embedded above. We have the luxury of one of the most seasoned computer vision teams in the world here, and I think it shows.

[tapmeasure]: “TapMeasure”


Work: Inside-out 6-DoF Positional tracking for Mobile VR

Last week Occipital announced the VR Dev Kit, and a public preview of our kickass positional tracking inside of Bridge Engine. As part of the launch, I did a lot of stuff! Here’s the video that I wrote, shot, edited, and narrated:

I also designed the system with our in-house 3D team, prototyped it all on our 3D printer (an Ultimaker 2), and am currently helping to kit and ship the orders with Lauren. Being this close to every part of a product is really exciting and scary, but so worth it when it works.

Update: We got featured on TechCrunch!


New Video: Mixed Reality in Bridge Engine With No 3D Sensor Required

Occipital [recently acquired][1] Replica Labs. Also, now we can relocalize inside of Bridge Engine without a 3D sensor! Weird how those things go together. Anyway, I wrote, shot and edited this video to commemorate the event.

[1]: “Occipital Buys Replica Labs To Help Turn Your Living Room Into A Video Game Sooner”


The Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for mobile devices

So I joined [Occipital][occ] in February of this year after they put me under NDA and showed me [The Structure Sensor][str]. We launched [the Kickstarter campaign][ks] yesterday. $330k in under 24 hours. We’re beaming.

I built [the website][str]. It’s responsive as hell. Pretty proud of it. Thanks to my new friends at [Mondo Robot][mondo] in Boulder for the assist.

[str]: “The Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for mobile devices”
[mondo]: “Mondo Robot”
[occ]: “Occipital”
[ks]: “Structure Sensor: Capture the World in 3D”