[Drunken Welles is good Welles][link]:

>This here’s a group of autobiographical interviews Welles laid down sometime in the ’70s, issued as a companion to the Peter Bogdanovich book of the same name.

Narrated by Bogdanovich, who identifies the tapes as from 1968-70. Download at the link.

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Orson Welles on Privacy, the Passport and Personal Rights

[A transcript taken from one of Welles’ Sketchbook shows for the BBC][link]. 1955’s passport gestapo seems like a cakewalk compared to 2010’s passport gestapo, yet the more things change…

[link]: “Orson Welles on Privacy, the Passport and Personal Rights | The Januarist”


The Return of Ramon Raquello and His Orchestra

Inspired by [Jason Kottke’s Apollo 11 broadcast][kottke], the team behind [Me and Orson Welles][movie] is presenting a [broadcast of the Mercury Theater’s infamous War of the Worlds][link], 71 years to-the-minute from [it’s first airing in 1938][war].

The impatient can find the .

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[In which, among other lovely items][store], you’ll find what I’m currently reading: *[Hello Americans][hello]* by Simon Callow.

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This is the second volume of Callow’s biography on film legend Orson Welles (the first being 1997’s *[The Road To Xanadu][xanadu]*) and it is every bit as worthy a portrait of Welles as it’s predecessor. It covers Welles’s life post-*Kane*, including the hatchet-job that RKO unleashed on *[The Magnificent Ambersons][ambersons]*. It’s tone is one of someone who neither demonizes or worships Welles, but seeks to find the truths of his life.

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