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  • Sweatshop RETURNS

    [Sweatshop, the live art show I produce with E.G. Gauger, returns today at noon PST][link]. Join us for chat, art, videos, and music. We love you. [link]: http://sweatshop.tv:8080/ “Sweatshop – Basically We Love Hats”

  • Today’s Experiment: A-Ha Time

    I have taken the classic A-Ha 80s jam “Take On Me” and slowed it down 50%. It starts out as an awesome dirge worthy of the Dawn Of The Dead soundtrack, and turns into a monster screaming about love in the most amusing possible manner. It is what I’m calling a Zombie Love Dirge. I’m…

  • PNGPress

    This app is retired. [PNGPress, my simple image optimization app for Mac OS X is now available on the App Store.][link] I hope you like it. PNGPress will accept any number of PNG images dropped onto its dock icon. [link]: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pngpress/id416848846?mt=12 “PNGPress”

  • Extra Future 2010 Retrospective: Kreskin

    I made a bunch of weird stuff in 2010, and I’m going to spend the new few days or weeks telling you about them with short posts about each one. Up first is [Kreskin][kreskin], a project it took about 12 hours to spit out and another 12 to make usable. [kreskin]: http://kreskin.extrafuture.com “Kreskin” ##Kreskin (Cat.…

  • Mote, the Amazon S3 Music Player

    [Mote began as a 6-hour project and slowly changed into a 12-hour one][link]. It takes the contents of any Amazon S3 bucket, checks for audio files and lets you play them like an album. It defaults to using HTML5’s audio tag, and falls back to Flash if your browser does not support HTML5. Mote is…

  • Station Identification 2.0

    Version 2 of my anti-piracy feed identification plugin, [Station Identification][sid] is available for auto-updating or [downloading from the WordPress plugins site][dl]. [dl]: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/station-identification/ “Station Identification on WordPress.org” [sid]: http://extrafuture.com/projects/station-identification “Station Identification’s homepage”

  • la petite url 2.0

    [The long wait is over, and la petite url version 2.0 is out the door][link]. WordPress users with auto-update can update at-will, and users who haven’t installed it yet (what’s wrong with you?) [can get it here][wp]. Major changes include: An awesome new options panel, much faster redirects, removing of the old registration for the…

  • The All-New Independent Cowboy Justice Brigade Archive

    [Preserving some comics by friend Edward and I did longabouts 2003-2004][link]. A work-in-progress. [link]: http://icjb.efcomics.com/ “The All-New Independent Cowboy Justice Brigade – Archive”

  • Minimalist Citizen Kane Poster

    [Created by yours truly (view)][link] in about 40 minutes, using [sketchy clipart from here][clipart]. It is not as… minimal as the others, but I think it captures the film pretty well. It may work just as well with only the rose, or only the title. The snow says a lot. I think it would look…

  • Introducing FRMT.me

    [FRMT.me is an online CSS formatter][link] using the Extra Future house style rules, which I’ve yet to codify here but will soon. It is one of my 6-hour projects, and as such is considered a sibling to [Megaman II’s Intro in HTML, CSS, and jQuery][mm2]. House style on the name is to print the domain…

  • Megaman II’s Intro Animation In HTML

    Created by yours truly. No Flash, just CSS, HTML5, and jQuery. The animation is very not smooth in Firefox, but works great in Safari and Chrome. [You can check it out here.][link] [link]: http://extrafuture.com/mm2/ “Megaman II Intro” Using the scrollbar to bring the view upward was a stylistic choice, it could’ve just as (if not…

  • The Extra Future T-Shirt

    [Buy one today.][link] Available in light blue or asphalt for a limited time only: One amazingly comfy t-shirt, one awesome logo, at the cost of $22. [link]: http://extrafuture.com/shirts/ “Shirts by Extra Future”