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  • Now Available: Magnetic Interference – Reverb-heavy Drum Beats

    Magnetic Interference is an album of music produced here in the Wizard Tower, using my KORG Volca Beats, Monotron Delay, and Monotron Duo. They’re meant to be used in your own projects, royalty free. My Patrons get it for $0, but even if you aren’t a member of my Patreon you can listen to it…

  • New Game From Me: Chipping Challenge

    From the official page: Chipping Challenge is a point-and-click meditative golf-like game meant to be relaxing and rewarding. Games usually last about 15 minutes. As of this writing Chipping Challenge Alpha04 is available for free on macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. It is totally a riff on Desert Golfing, but more than that, and I hope you…

  • Haunted Floating Eye Release 2 is Now Available

    The Love2d game jam is over, but I’m not finished with Haunted Floating Eye yet. Release 2 dropped on Saturday, and is now available for download. I wrote a little about the release.

  • Kove, A Community-Created Choose Your Own Adventure Game

    [This of it as a wiki-style take on the classic book genre][link]. Just sign in via Twitter OAuth and start adding and editing pages. All content is published under a CC-BY license. There is also [an atom feed of new pages][feed]. [link]: http://kove.extrafuture.com/”Kove” [feed]: http://kove.extrafuture.com/feed “Kove New Pages Feed” Kove is an [Extra Future 6-Hour…

  • Station Identification 2.0

    Version 2 of my anti-piracy feed identification plugin, [Station Identification][sid] is available for auto-updating or [downloading from the WordPress plugins site][dl]. [dl]: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/station-identification/ “Station Identification on WordPress.org” [sid]: http://extrafuture.com/projects/station-identification “Station Identification’s homepage”

  • la petite url 1.6

    [My personal URL shortener][la] hits version 1.6. Current users will be able to upgrade by way of WordPress’ automatic update mechanism. The rest of you: [Download it from WordPress.org][wp]. *Fun fact*: House style is to always type “la petite url” in all lowercase. [la]: http://extrafuture.com/projects/la-petite-url “la petite url” [wp]: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/le-petite-url/ “la petite url on WordPress.org”

  • John Siracusa’s Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Review

    [If there is only one 10.6 review/recap you read, it should be this one][link]. John is the best at this. It is part history lesson, part analysis, part commentary. [link]: http://arstechnica.com/apple/reviews/2009/08/mac-os-x-10-6.ars “Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: the Ars Technica review – Ars Technica”

  • Introducing PNGPress, a PNG Optimizer for Mac OS X

    [You can download and read all about PNGPress at it’s homepage][link]. It’s essentially a Applescript front-end for [OptiPNG][opti], the command line application. *Update:* The download link for PNGPress is now fixed. Whoops. [link]: http://extrafuture.com/code/pngpress/ “PNGPress” [opti]: http://optipng.sourceforge.net/ “OptiPNG”