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  • June Foray, RIP (1917-2017)

    [We have lost a titan. She almost made it to an even 100.][link] It’s hard to put into words how big of an effect on my personality Rocky and Bullwinkle had, even though it was cancelled decades before I was born. My mom loved it, and it would come on one of the local stations…

  • Alex Anderson, Secret Creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Dies

    [Rocky and Bullwinkle is one of the finest television programs ever made, and Alex deserves any credit he can get.][link] [link]: http://www.time.com/time/arts/article/0,8599,2027264,00.html “Rocky and Bullwinkle Creator Alex Anderson Dies – TIME”

  • Rocky and Bullwinkle mark 50 years

    [Happy birthday to Rocky and his Friends][link]. If I’m funny, there are two reasons: My mom, and Rocky & Bullwinkle. I guess that is three, but the moose & squirrel are a team. [link]: http://www.jsonline.com/entertainment/tvradio/70386872.html “Rocky and Bullwinkle mark 50 years – JSOnline”