I Designed A T-Shirt With Pro Wrestler Jervis Cottonbelly


This was fun. You can catch Jervis on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, and CHIKARA Pro. You can buy the shirt on


Flying Meat, Inc. T-Shirts

Flying Meat, makers of fine Macintosh softwares such as [Acron (the image editor for humans)][acorn], [are selling t-shirts][link]. A Flying Meat t-shirt is your ticket to me buying you a beer.

[link]: “ Flying Meat – Flying Meat”
[acorn]: “Acorn – The Image Editor for Humans”


Eliza Gauger’s SCREAMING NUB Shirt

[Available in AA Short-Sleeve V-Neck and Ladies’ 5.8 oz. Cotton 2×1 Rib Tank][link]:

> Are You Down wit da Nub?!

WELL ARE YOU? I am. $18.75 gets one of these things. You can’t afford *not* to buy it.

[link]: “GIBBERINGS – SCREAMING NUB T-Shirt and Tank Top Preorders: Are You Down wit da Nub?!”


EXCLUSIVE First Extra Future Shirt Pictures

[Do you believe in miracles?][link] Extra Future’s first product is out in the wild, and being shipped to those who purchased one starting Monday.

[link]: “Extra Future Shirts”


Silent Mode Engaged. See You In 201X.

Posting will be light-to-non-existent here on EFHQ until around Jan 3nd. Be excellent to each other.

Thanks to everyone who has ordered [T-Shirts][shirts], I love you all with both my bodymeat and also my headmeat. Shirts should start shipping mid-Jan. You’ll be the coolest kid on your internets.

[shirts]: “Extra Future Shirts”


[Sponsor] Threadless

[Threadless][link] doesn’t just print some of the coolest-looking shirts in the world, they also make the most comfortable ones.

If you buy something from them [using my affiliate link][link], I get a small kickback. They’ve constantly got stuff on sale, like this [selection of $9 shirts][nine]. My current favorite: [The Gaming Revolution][gaming].

[link]: “Threadless graphic t-shirt designs; cool & funny t-shirts weekly! Tees designed by the community.”
[gaming]: “The Gaming Revolution on Threadless”
[nine]:,guys/price,9?from=philnelson “$9 Shirts on Threadless”