Every Time You Torrent, Feds Log Your IP in Just Three Hours


Anyone who has downloaded pirated music, video or ebooks using a BitTorrent client has probably had their IP address logged by copyright-enforcement authorities within three hours of doing so. So say computer scientists who placed a fake pirate server online—and very quickly found monitoring systems checking out who was taking what from the servers.

A honeypot for government and entertainment industry (aren’t they basically the same now?) spies that they just couldn’t resist.

The FBI Wants Your ISP To Spy On You

and keep your web history logged for up to 2 years. Land of the free, eh? What’s almost as troubling as the privacy implications is the fact that the FBI apparently doesn’t even know what exactly they want to the ISP to store, yet. The FBI just feels like they should be allowed to do this, and fuck you if you don’t like it.

It’s amazing to me that spying on American citizens with no probable cause is an OK thing to talk about in public, now. How did we get here?