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  • An annotated digest of the top “Hacker” “News” posts.

    “Not discussed: how to start a startup without ruining anyone else’s life.”

  • Does Startup Life Have To Be A 24/7 Grind?

    [Short answer: No.][link] Long answer: No, but nobody takes advice like this no matter how good it is. [link]: http://blog.groovehq.com/post/47537406719/does-startup-life-have-to-be-a-24-7-grind “Does Startup Life Have To Be A 24/7 Grind? | Groove Blog”

  • Zaarly

    I try not to cover too many startups here, lest the blog turn into an even lower-rent Techcrunch, but [Zaarly is an interesting idea][link]. They’re building a mobile platform to allow anyone to accept payments for or request assistance for anything. There are many nights I’d have gladly paid someone $10 to go buy me…

  • Startup Tools

    [A fairly exhaustive list of tools for startups and individuals who live like startups.][link] Bug-tracking, performance monitoring, analytics, life, the universe, everything. via @kenseto. [link]: http://startuptools.pbworks.com/ “startuptools / FrontPage”

  • Eyeballs Still Don’t Pay the Bills

    [David Heinemeier Hansson][link]: >The just-give-it-away-for-free-and-they-will-come-and-we’ll-be-rich automatron is as broken now as it was in 2001. Fuckin’ a. [link]: http://37signals.com/svn/posts/2284-eyeballs-still-dont-pay-the-bills “Eyeballs still don’t pay the bills – (37signals)”