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The Inequality Speech That TED Won’t Show You

Sounds like good sense to me. Shame that TED is too spineless to make it available: We’ve had it backward for the last 30 years. Rich businesspeople like me don’t create jobs. Rather they are a consequence of an eco-systemic feedback loop animated by middle-class consumers, and when they thrive, businesses grow and hire, and […]

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Dan Sivers’s TED Talk about First Followers, and how Lone Nuts become Leaders. I am not sure I agree with his overall conclusion, but Dancing Guy is a monument to something no matter how you slice it. Runs 2 minutes 58.

Jesper On Staying “Above Execution”

The Universal Approach: … this pattern is evidently sane, well-tested and produces good results: talk to people. Figure out what they want. Don’t rely on them telling you what they want, and don’t rely on you knowing what they want. Figure out a way to separate what they want from how they want it, which […]

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My name is Phil Nelson and I make beautiful objects for a troubled world in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. I'm a designer / developer at Occipital.

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