The Venture Brothers Renewed For 2 More Seasons

[This is probably the best news I’ll hear this year][link]. If you haven’t been watching The Venture Bros then you’ve been missing out on a super fun, deceptively complex, show about robots and monsters and super science.

[link]: “Publick Nuisance – Countdown To Wow-Town”


The James Urbaniak Christmas Song

[Possibly NSFW, depending on how lame your work is.][link]

[link]: “FRED Holiday Singles 2010 » FRED Entertainment”


Venture Bros. Season 4 Part 2 Premieres Sept. 12th

[Straight from Jackson’s blogmouth][link], with a bonus list of the upcoming episode titles and a nice collage of screen-grabs.

[link]: “Publick Nuisance – Nocturnal Emission”


“Bloody” Brock Samson Skin for Torchlight

[A free download][link]. Continuing Extra Future’s cataloging of [fan-made Venture Bros game mods][second].

[link]: “Runic Games • View topic – [SKIN] Bloody Samson”

[second]: “Venture family for the Sims 3”


The Venture Brothers Season 4 Opener Post-game

Premiered last night at midnight. I grabbed my copy from iTunes (for some strange reason, there are no torrents), but you can watch it the legal way on That is an order. Things of note based upon my first viewing:

## Spoilers follow

* No Monarch in the season opener. Feels weird.
* I have a feeling the [CGC][cgc]-grader-as-timestamp was someone’s [4am miracle][miracle].
* Possibly the longest [post-credits sequence][post] in the show’s history?
* I’m expecting for a fan remix that puts the story in chronological order. I guess you’d need a torrent for that, though, and the show is MIA on the main trackers.
* Here’s the [real cover to Marvel Comics #1][cover], faithfully reproduced in the episode. [ says][says] this issue is worth $360,000 for a CGC-graded 9.6 copy.

[says]: “Marvel #1 on Comics Price Guide”
[cover]: “Marvel Comics #1 on Wikimedia commons”
[post]: “Post-credits scene on Wikipedia”
[miracle]: “4am Miracle”
[cgc]: “CGC”

Overall, though, bravo. This is Jackson and Doc’s growth spurt as storytellers, and we’re all being made witness to it. I can’t wait for more.


Venture Family For The Sims 3

[Rusty, Hank, Dean, Brock, Dr. Orpheus and Triana][link]. This is pretty great.

[link]: “Venture Family by Neverent – The Exchange – Community – The Sims 3”