MK-ULTRA Games, Inc.

The latest [awesome games studio][link] to come out of the Toronto indie scene is headed by my old friend, and publisher of [exp. Magazine][exp], Mathew Kumar. I am *dead chuffed*.

See also: [Kotaku’s coverage of their first (forthcoming) game, Knight and Damsel.][knight]

[link]: “MK-ULTRA Games, Inc.”
[exp]: “Exp. Zine”
[knight]: “Knight and Damsel”


The Globe And Mail’s Coverage of GamerCamp

[Being a 2-day event run by two friends of mine, which has been, thus far, absolutely wonderful.][link] The level of games talent in Toronto is exciting.

[link]: “Toronto‚Äôs indie gaming scene levels up – The Globe and Mail”


Capybara Games Reveals Clash Of Heroes HD For XBLA, PSN

[Toronto-based indie games studio makes good][link]. Clash of Heroes for DS is one of the best western-developed DS games ever made.

[link]: “GameSetWatch – Capy Reveals Clash Of Heroes HD For XBLA, PSN”


The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2009

[… is going on right now][link], and you should go if at all possible. [Jeffrey Rowland][rowland] is here! [R Stevens][rstevens] is here! [Kate Beaton][kate] and [Ryan North][ryan] are here, but they almost never leave.

[link]: “The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2009”
[rowland]: “Overcompensating”
[rstevens]: “Diesel Sweeties”
[kate]: “History Comics”
[ryan]: “Dinosaur Comics”