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Jay Leno uses indie YouTube video; NBC gets it taken down

Obviously The System Works: NBC/Universal used a YouTube video by an indie comedy duo (without permission) on The Jay Leno Show – then had the video taken down with a copyright claim. NBC’s position seems to be that they own any content played on any of their programs? I guess it’s nice to see their position […]


A “Hard Science Fiction Miniseries for the Web” which raised $10k on Kickstarter. I wish them luck. via Warren Ellis.

Shawn Medero on Climate Change, Nowcasting, and Objectivity

… most syndicated print or TV journalists seemingly don’t have the education or tools to present any subject objectively nor do they take the initiative to gather all the facts. TV and print presenters/journalists tend to avoid, as Bunk Moreland would say, “Giving a fuck when it ain’t their turn to give a fuck.”

The Venture Brothers Season 4 Opener Post-game

Premiered last night at midnight. I grabbed my copy from iTunes (for some strange reason, there are no torrents), but you can watch it the legal way on That is an order. Things of note based upon my first viewing: Spoilers follow No Monarch in the season opener. Feels weird. I have a feeling […]

24 Hour Transformers Marathon & Me

I’m going to be covering the rest of the 24 Hour Transformers Marathon on TELETOON on this Tumblr and this Live-blog. You can join in, if you like. Watch my slow descent into madness.

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