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  • Auto-tweet from WordPress with Petite URLs

    [Patrick at Deferred Procrastination has got la petite url working with a WordPress Twitter updater.][link] This is a much-asked-for feature for [la petite url][la] itself. [link]: https://www.deferredprocrastination.co.uk/blog/2010/auto-tweet-from-wordpress-with-petite-urls/ “Auto-tweet from WordPress with Petite URLs” [la]: http://extrafuture.com/la-petite-url “la petite url”

  • la petite url 2.0

    [The long wait is over, and la petite url version 2.0 is out the door][link]. WordPress users with auto-update can update at-will, and users who haven’t installed it yet (what’s wrong with you?) [can get it here][wp]. Major changes include: An awesome new options panel, much faster redirects, removing of the old registration for the…